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From: $90 - $150

  • Designed to hug your body closely, giving you a more modern sleek look. elongate your body shape, they offer enough room to move, and they have a classic air that makes them relatively timeless.
  • Comfortable and aerodynamic.
  • Italian Low profile silicone gripper bands.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Three rear feed pockets.
  • Italian LTD Tri Chamois for maximum comfort in the aero position (6-8 hours ride)
  • Lateral stretch mesh provides maximum ventilation and moisture management.
  • Kafitt Gloss Italian fabrics ensures the very best in moisture, management, comfort, elegance, and durability.
  • For a less compressive feel we recommend you size up. If you are between sizes, we recommend you size up.
  • Clothing with poor fitting is one of the contributing factors to aerodynamic drag in the world of cycling. Improve your performance by wearing a cycling skinsuit, which can increase your speed as it manipulates airflow and features a design to reduce drag.
  • Each garment you purchase is made especially for you. This will take us 6 business days after we will deliver in 2-3 days.
  • Most Kafitt orders are shipped within 10 business days from the order date. Orders placed on weekends and select holidays are processed on the next business day.
  • We offer FREE USA shipping on all orders over $90 USD, which applies only to USPS Priority Shipping. Standard delivery usually arrives within 2 – 5 business days from the shipped date, excluding holidays.
  • USPS international priority mail is a $35 flat rate. Arrives within 15-20 business days from the shipping date, excluding holidays
  • US First Class Mail for $29, but we cannot be responsible for the loss of parcels with this method once it leaves the USA, this service does not have tracking and can take up to 15 to 30 days to arrive
  • UPS for a flat rate of $39.50 which typically takes 5 - 7 days
  • Please get in touch with us for more information about shipping

Care and Precautions for Kafitt Appareal

Sportswear, especially cycling garments due to its exposure to different types of terrain, the diversity of ambient temperature, sweating, dust, and mud, needs special handling and care to help its texture, quality, and color last.

Since KAFITT is consider a high-quality brand, we handle these excellent materials in a very special way Please follow the next recommendations for your garments care:

  1. Do not rub the garment against any rocky, arid, or strong textured surface, as it can deteriorate the material of your uniform. (Do not sit on platforms, some deteriorated saddles can cause lycras to scrape.)
  2. Avoid the use of backpacks, fanny packs, tulles, since their material is strong and can damage the fibers of the uniform and cause rapid deterioration of the garment.
  3. Do not store damp or dirty clothes for too long, as it can cause stains or deterioration of the material.
  4. Wash clothes as quickly as possible after physical activity to remove residues of sand, mud, dirt and/or sweat.
  5. It is recommended to use mild soaps, preferably liquids as they dissolve quickly in water and are not fully impregnated in garments.
  6. The use of softeners is not recommended as it can deteriorate the color of fabrics.
  7. Do not use dryer or iron for faster drying of garments, excess heat deteriorates the fibers.
  8. Wash preferably with cold water and by hand, to avoid the use of washing machines that can twist the garments and damage the fibers
  9. Do not leave to soak for any reason, and do not use bleach or stain remover, as it can remove the color of the garment.
  10. Do not mix white and light garments with colored garments, this may cause staining the lighter garment and will not be a cause for warranty.
  11. White garments and light colors should be washed immediately after being used, REMEMBER THAT MUD STAINS.
  12. Do not twist the garments to extract excess water.
  13. Dry in the shade, do not expose directly to the sun for faster drying
  14. Remember that these garments are sublimated to large format, the washing technique will ensure the useful life of it.

  • Skinsuit: It is a one-piece cycling suit. Our design is characterized by being close to the body and having an aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance, which improves the performance of the cyclist. This suit will serve you for your daily practices or high-performance competitions.
  • Jersey: The jersey is a cycling garment that is characterized by being breathable, tight to the body, and helps regulate the cyclist's body temperature. They are made with high-quality fabrics and materials.
  • Bib Shorts: A bib short is a type of cycling short distinguished by having built-in suspenders or suspenders that cross over the chest. These suspenders help keep the pants in place and prevent them from sliding down while pedaling.
  • Seamless Bib: A seamless bib is a type of cycling short that is distinguished by having no seams since it is made from a single piece of fabric. This helps to reduce friction and irritation on the skin since there are no stitching points that could rub or bother. Also, because they are seamless, seamless bibs are more comfortable and flexible, allowing for better movement while pedaling.

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Gender: Woman, Man

Style: Skinsuit long sleeve, Skinsuit short sleeve, Jersey long sleeve, Jersey short sleeve, Bib

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