Behind the scenes at Kafitt Sport with Luisa Barrios, Colombia

It’s not a secret that women look hard at every detail about their appearance when leaving home. In my case, it’s a ritual around the time to prepare me to ride a bicycle. Choosing a suitable wardrobe for each moment goes beyond the whim of each day; not only the colors and designs are important, the quality of the fabrics and functionality of the clothing is fundamental too.

I have been practicing this sport for almost 9 years and to be frank, I started dressing in a small and simple style; but over the years I have been learning to combine each garment. In Colombia we have a very wide market in terms of cycling, and the textile, design and manufacturing sector is not far behind. We are of course a great cycling nation, and very stylish – now combining this!

I was fortunate to meet the person behind Kafitt, a brand new in the cycling suits industry, with a great business vision. Paula Valencia is an entrepreneurial woman, who in only two years has managed to position her product and bring it to the level of others with a long history in our country. After a visit I made to the company premises, I came away with a wealth of knowledge about the people behind the brand, and of the production process of the garments. I’d like to share some of my visit with youso that you understand more about the brand that is Kafitt.

Paula gave birth to Kafitt from the need to please the tastes of cyclists who want to innovate; women who look for comfort and who want to look beautiful when it comes to riding a bicycle. We women have the right to look stylish and beautiful don’t we! Also, the men and groups of cyclists that take part in the various forms of cycling and want great looking clothing, for those who make suits to the measure and with customized designs always aiming to satisfy their expectations. With radiant colors, original designs, comfortable fabrics and Italian-style beads, Paula managed to conquer us all, while her costumes gained a large space in our closet. Paula and Kafitt listen to cyclists and what they want, and speaking to the team in their production plant, this was evident.

I want to tell you a little about my experience with these costumes. I am fascinated with them because they have an incredible last, mark out my silhouette and hide those imperfections that all women want to hide. I can choose the length of the lycra just for me, with their custom designs; I like to use them short because I am short and this makes my legs look long! The components of their elastic fabrics allow greater comfort and freedom of movement, and have sun protection and act as a true shield against UV rays. A popular benefit is that these garments are also quick drying, and their color remains despite perspiration. Here in Colombia, with the high and humid temperatures, this is a vital thing for us.

After visiting the premises of Kafitt I was pleasantly surprised; the work team is composed of women heads of household; people who are dedicated to the confection and quality control of each garment. Speaking with them, they all take quality personally it turned out. It was pleasing to go through each space of this young company, to know first hand their processes and to realize the depth of creativity, technological endowment and technical capacity with which its operators count. These are people who want to put their skills to use in producing great cycling clothes.

As a brand, Kafitt wants to stand out in the middle of cycling, and for this Paula has sought out the assistance and the image of clothing brand ambassadors in several cities across the country> These ambassadors are in charge of showing the costumes at a recreational and competitive level in different areas. I am proud to be one of the Kafitt brand ambassadors and to share with you the progress of this brand.

I’m a very style conscious lady in all walks of life – aren’t we all! Kafitt is a brand that understands this, and does all that it can to support our desire for style and performance. Take a look at their range of cycling clothing, and add some to your own wardrobe – you’ll be glad that you did.

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